How to Prepare Kids for Visits to Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale, WA

Visits to Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa are essential to ensuring that children are able to develop strong, healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Unfortunately, most kids don’t exactly relish these dental appointments, though. Parents can read on to find a few tips for preparing their kids for visits to the pediatric dentist that can make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

Talk and Listen

First and foremost, parents should speak with their children about what to expect during their dental visits and should listen carefully to any anxieties they express regarding their upcoming appointments. Make sure to use a calm, comforting tone so that kids don’t pick up on any anxiety that parents themselves might have about these visits and take their concerns seriously. It’s OK to feel scared or anxious, and talking about those fears can help kids overcome them.

Bring a Support Item

Most kids have a favorite toy, blanket, or stuffed animal. Bringing that favored object along can help to keep them comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. It’s not so much a matter of keeping them occupied, as there are usually plenty of toys and books available in pediatric dentists’ waiting rooms, but of allowing them to keep their comfort items with them throughout the process.

Offer a Prize

Many dentists’ offices keep prizes such as stickers on hand to reward kids for a job well done after they’ve finished their appointments. Parents themselves might want to offer prizes or treats as well. This helps to create a positive association with Pediatric Dentists in Silverdale Wa in children’s minds.

Get Them Started Early

Most dentists recommend that parents take their kids in for their first dental exams either on their first birthdays or whenever their teeth begin to appear. This is the best way to ensure that kids’ teeth and gums are healthy. It can also get younger children accustomed to trips to the dentist so that they elicit less anxiety later in their childhoods.

Choose the Right Dentist

The primary benefit of taking kids to pediatric dentists rather than general dentists is that these specialists know how to encourage a comforting and positive environment. If a child hates his or her dentist or the staff working at the office, it may be worth making the switch to another dentist and trying again.

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