Nov 22, 2013

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How to Prepare for an Energy Audit Wichita KS

When a lot of people hear the word “audit” they begin to freeze up or conjure up negative images of having to pay out a lot of money. Unless it is a tax audit, you generally do not have to worry about draining your bank account or going to prison. There are many other audits and NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. wants to tell you about how to prepare for an Energy Audit Wichita KS.

An energy audit is a most important step in improving the comfort of your home and its energy performance. To prepare to have an audit for your home, observe the following things:

1. Collect all your energy bills, both your electric (and your gas if you have it).

2. Observe any comfort related issues in your home. Are there cold drafts in particular areas of the home during the winter? Is there a room that is too hot or too cold in comparison to the comfort levels in the other rooms of the house? Does your HVAC run all the time, or is cutting on and off too frequently?

3. Prepare with a blower door test. This is when you close all windows and exterior doors but open all interior doors. If you have an attic, ensure that the hatch or door is closed. Clean all the ashes out of fireplaces, wood stove or pellet stove. Shut the dampers to fireplaces and the intakes to the stoves.

You are now ready for an energy auditor to come in and do an assessment. If you are in Kansas, Northstar Comfort Services will conduct your energy audit in Wichita KS if you call and ask. Besides doing energy analysis, they also provide insulation, window tinting and energy saver products. They provide services to residential and commercial customers. For the residential customers, they provide installation of loose-fill insulation for attics, fiberglass and cotton batts, spray foam and the Blow-in-Blanket system. For their commercial customers, they have the Simple Saver System as well as spray foam insulation. For their tinting services, they do vehicle window tinting as well as tinting for their residential and commercial customers. Contact them at their website to get your next Energy Audit Wichita KS.

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