Aug 3, 2018

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How to Prepare for a Roofing Installation in Overland Park, KS

How to Prepare for a Roofing Installation in Overland Park, KS

Whether homeowners are dealing with substantial leaks or their roofs are just nearing the end of their expected lifespans, they’ll have to hire a roofing company like Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering that can help. These experts do everything they can to make the process as painless as possible for their clients. There are, however, still a few steps that homeowners can take in advance to ensure that they are adequately prepared for Roofing Installation in Overland Park KS.

Relocate Vehicles

The contractors who will be providing reroofing services need to have convenient places to park, as they will require quick access to their trucks throughout the process. They’ll need to unload tools and materials and load up old shingles and debris, so any vehicles currently parked in the driveway will have to be removed to accommodate their company trucks.

Remove Wall Decorations

The vibrations caused by roofing equipment can travel through a home’s walls, so it’s a good idea to remove any wall decorations from the top floor of the home. Homeowners who want to play it safe may also wish to remove decorative lighting fixtures from the top floor.

Cover Items Stored in the Attic

Contractors will be walking back and forth across the roof and using tools to secure new shingles, which can cause dust and debris to fall in the home’s attic. Keep personal belongings being stored up there safe by putting down an old sheet or a tarp on top of them, and be prepared to vacuum these areas once the new roof has been installed.

Prepare the Yard

Be sure to prune any nearby trees and trim the lawn before the roofers arrived. Contractors typically use drop clothes to protect any plants in the immediate area, but cutting the grass will prevent fallen debris from getting lost in the lawn, making the process of cleaning up after the project is completed much easier.

Talk to the Neighbors

The neighbors should know what to expect before a new Roofing Installation in Overland Park KS begins. They’ll appreciate having an anticipated time frame so that they can adjust their schedules to ensure their families’ comfort while the work is being completed. For more information, visit


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