How to Prepare for a Consultation with a Personal Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler TX

Bankruptcy is not something that anyone should be embarrassed by, in fact, there are more individuals filing for bankruptcy now, than ever before. When bills and life begin to overwhelm you to the point that you’re unable to make ends meet, bankruptcy options can provide you with debt free solutions that will give you a fresh start. In order to determine your eligibility for debt relief through bankruptcy, you will need to consult with a Personal Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler TX. During your initial consultation, there are a few things that you should bring along with you in order to determine eligibility. Failure to bring these things will prolong the process of filing.

List of All Debts

You will need to have a simple list which displays all of the debts you owe. This includes your mortgage, car payments, loans, credit cards, medical bills, overdraft fees from the bank, and more. Your list should include the amount you owed and the contact information for each creditor. All of this information will help the Personal Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler TX to determine what your financial status is at the present time.

Legal Notices

If your debts have gotten so out of hand that the creditor has opted to file a case against you, this information needs to be submitted to your attorney for review. These debts are likely the most serious and will need to be handled immediately. Notices might include letters to file suit, judgments ordered against you, wage garnishment information, and more.

Current Income

Your Personal Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler TX will need to also have proof of any income you have coming in. This can include things such as: 1099 forms for self employed individuals, paystubs from your job, child support stubs or statements, and any other income you might receive on the weekly or monthly basis. They need to evaluate how serious your financial state is to determine your debt to income ratio.

Prior to going to your consultation with your Personal Bankruptcy Attorney in Tyler TX, you should contact them to determine if there is anything else you need. Some lawyers will vary in their requests for the initial consultation. You want to be as prepared as possible so that you can get the collection calls to stop and move forward with rebuilding your life.

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