Aug 1, 2018

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How to Plan a Funeral in Middletown

How to Plan a Funeral in Middletown

Whether planning their own service or that of a loved one, funeral planning is not always easy for individuals, especially when they are grieving. While many people go through pre-planning for a funeral Middletown, some people do not create any type of plan in their wills, leaving their loved ones to make tough decisions. These tips will help individuals through the process of planning a funeral, so they are not as stressed.

Steps For Planning a Funeral

When planning a funeral, there are quite a few decisions that will need to be made to ensure all of the details come together before the event. Working with a funeral planner can make the process much easier especially when following these steps.

• The first step a person will need to decide is the final disposition. This means the person will be deciding on what to do with the deceased’s body. Will the body be buried or cremated? This is a decision that needs to be weighed carefully, but neither choice impedes the ability to have a funeral and memorial service.

• The next step is deciding on the burial or cremation accessories, such as the urn or casket. These items can be as simple or extravagant as one would like, but it is important to note the cost exponentially rises with greater grandeur.

• Choosing a eulogist is an important step in planning a funeral Middletown. The eulogist delivers the eulogy and speaks on behalf of the family of the deceased. Many families choose a pastor, family member, or friend for this duty.

• Flowers and music are an important part of any funeral, and they help to make the event one that truly honors the life of the deceased. Most people choose flowers and music that were favorites of the deceased so their life can be honored.

• If a person plans on having the deceased buried, they will need to choose a burial plot or mausoleum. Even if the deceased will be cremated, a burial can be chosen if the family prefers.

Get Help Today

If you are in need of help with funeral planning, contact the John P. Condon Funeral Home. They will help you through every stage of the process so you will be ready.


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