Feb 11, 2015

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How to Perform Maintenance Inspections on Roofing in Marlboro

Roofing in Marlboro is an important part in your home’s maintenance routine, since the roof acts as a weather barrier, insulator, and aesthetic enhancer. Since the roof plays such a vital role in your home’s overall functionality, it’s a good idea to protect it from deterioration. A positive way to do this is by performing regular inspections. Doing this twice a year will allow you to survey your roofing system to find defects that need to be corrected. Use the following guidelines for this task.

You can inspect your roof from the ground or by accessing the rooftop. If you plan to investigate your roof from the ground, you will need a good pair of binoculars. You can also have another person inspect it after you in case you miss damaged areas. When you want to climb onto your rooftop for an inspection, remember that safety is the number one priority. Perform the inspection when there is ample sunlight and when the weather is mild, and use a sturdy ladder in order to safeguard against slips and falls. Many homeowners use fall-protection gear, like a rope and harness. Wear shoes with soles that grip the surface for improved traction. Also, you will need a flashlight with a high-intensity beam.

After you climb onto your rooftop, walk in straight lines so you won’t miss any areas. Look for chipped, missing, or broken shingles. You can fix or replace shingles at a later time. Inspect the roof for dark patches that can indicate the presence of lichen or moss. Growth of either of these can cause the underlying roof layers to decay.

While you are on the roof, survey the gutter system. If you see any granules, it may be the result of the declining quality of asphalt shingles. After you check out the top of your roof, head up to your attic and use your flashlight to shine the beam in straight rows so you won’t miss areas. Look for dark spots. This can be the result of leaks that are forming, which is why you should have these leaks repaired immediately.

Inspecting your roof in Marlboro is a favorable way to stop the deterioration before it worsens. Doing this twice a year will help you keep your roof in good condition. For more information on roofing services in Marlboro, please contact a roofing company like Majestic Exteriors.

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