Oct 31, 2011

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How to Organize your Belongings Before your Movers Take Over

Moving is a bigger project than you think it is. Without adequate planning, you will spend more time and money than you bargained for. For a smooth moving experience, plan ahead. Well in advance of your move, make an assessment of all your possessions; ask your family to select and box items, clothes and other things they don’t use any longer. Make a donation of toys and clothes to charity. Hold a garage sale or car-boot sale to get rid of other stuff. Sell goods on online auctions, do whatever it takes to rid yourself of unwanted junk that you would have to haul along with you. Throw out stuff you don’t need. If you have hazardous substances in the house like bleach, paint, varnish and aerosols pack them all separately and do not keep them with your other household items. Discard old makeup and nail varnish!

Before the movers take over the professional packing and moving, you might want to pack an essentials kit. It’s unlikely you can get through unpacking and stocking away all your food items, china and silver the day of the move. Take tea, coffee, snacks, some cups and a kettle or saucepan and pack them in your essentials kit. A few dishes, utensils and kitchen cloth might also come in handy. Ask your family to each pack an overnight bag along with toilet tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste and essential bath items. A useful tip would be to finish all your laundry well before the moving. That way when your movers get there, they don’t have to pack your damp laundry or dirty washing. Keep a stock of painkillers, essential meds, a few plastic bags, matches, a torch and small tool kit in a separate box. These items will help you tide over any minor crises you might face on the first day of your move. Keep your documents, birth and marriage certificates, and most important documents on your person and in a safe place.

Moving is a dramatic event we all face. Make sure you inform all your utilities like gas, electric, cable, telephone etc. about your move. Inform the post office of your new address. Inform the other essential services, your employers, your bankers, credit card company and others about your move. Notify your doctors and other health services. You also need to inform the vehicle registration and insurance people. Don’t forget your friends and relatives, club, milk delivery, newsagents and subscriptions etc. Make a list of all those you need to inform and do so in a systematic way. When you are looking for professional movers, Chicago-based local movers offer good services with packing and storage facilities.

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