Termites can cause severe damage to various human structures, including homes, sheds, garages and decks. Subterranean termites are responsible for most of the damage here in Newnan GA. They prefer to nest underground, especially near their food sources, or underneath it. And if your home or property is their food source, it means they can nest directly underneath it.

Therefore, the termites are allowed into the woodwork without your knowledge and then create a variety of tunnels from which they can travel. It can be extremely difficult to find them until it’s already too late. Most people only notice a problem when things start to fall or sag, which means the damage is already structural. Therefore, prevention is usually the best termite control option in Newna GA.


Prevention involves some basic actions to protect your home. You’ll want to keep excess wood, plastic, foam and other items away from the ground and home. You may also want to check the entire home for cracks or holes and have them sealed or repaired immediately. It may also be a good idea to get regular inspections as part of your annual maintenance plan. For example, when you clear the gutters each year, hire a professional to check the woodwork.

Also, it’s important to look to the soil for infestation signs, such as rotten vegetables and plants. Remove twigs and branches that have fallen and waste lumber immediately. You can use treated lumber for your structures, so termites won’t invade them.

Other Options

Sometimes, you just won’t notice the termites until they’ve already done some damage. It is important to hire professionals, such as Turin Pest Control, to come in and check wooden areas and structures, to let you know for sure. They will be able to determine the most efficient solution in this timeless battle against termites.

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