Sep 7, 2015

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How To Minimise Your Home Building Costs

How To Minimise Your Home Building Costs

When planning to build a new home or update an existing property, budget will definitely come into play. The final cost of a building project can be affected by a variety of factors, such as the size of the job being completed, the builders you choose to work with, the materials used, etc. Should you want to stick within a budget and prevent unexpected costs from creeping up as the building project approaches an end, learn how to get the best possible quote for jobs that involve electrical wiring, roofing, plumbing and more.

Draw Up Building Plans

Although it is wise to ask a professional builder to create a building plan, you should get a head start by drawing some plans up yourself! By doing so, not only do you reduce the builder’s workload but also, you can really show the builder what you want the finished design to look like. The professional can then look over this plan and finalise it, before the project commences. Most building plans will feature information such as the location, the size of the  property, areas where there are footings or obstructions, and details that must be preserved, like trees and plants.

Shop Around for Builders

Don’t sign a contract with the first builder you speak with, no matter how tempting their services might seem. By shopping around you could save yourself a great deal of bother and track down a trusted builder who is qualified and has undergone the right amount of training and education. The builder should have NSW Fair Trade licensing to prove that they are recognised in their industry and should be able to carry out jobs with minimal supervision. Read a few customer reviews before making a decision and ask people you trust for recommendations, so that you don’t overspend on poor services.

Think Environmentally Friendly

The ideas you make now regarding a construction project will affect how much money you save in the long-run. For example, hiring builders to renovate or redesign a home with solar lights, solar panels and recyclable materials will be less harmful to the environment and could save energy. Some environmentally friendly building ideas that will be cost-effective include fitting low-emissivity glass windows, installing tankless water heaters, using sustainable building materials and hiring someone to fit a thermostat. Efficient landscaping will also play a role in savings, because trees could keep the home cool and provide shade.

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