Feb 10, 2017

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How to know when you need heating repair service in Irvine

How to know when you need heating repair service in Irvine

When the cold weather intensifies, it helps to know that you can depend on your heating system to keep the temperature inside as warm as possible. Many people choose to do a tuneup at the beginning of the season in order to get their boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps ready to perform well all throughout the winter and even the early parts of spring. If you suspect you may need heating repair service Irvine companies offer, you can contact your local HVAC company for an assessment.

The temperature won’t heat up

If the temperature indoors doesn’t seem to get warm no matter what you do, this is a sign that you may need to get a heating repair service Irvine company to assist you. The service technician will arrive onsite fully equipped with the right diagnostic tools to help you make the best assessment. You can find out exactly what is wrong with your heating system so you can get back to being comfortable indoors.

Heating system short cycling

When the heater starts up and runs for a brief time and then shuts itself down again, this is an indicator that it may need either a repair or a replacement. Only an experienced and certified heating repair service Irvine specialist can inspect your system to see what the cause is for concern. In the majority of cases, when a heater is short cycling, it may not be the right system to adequately heat your home. However if this is a recent development, then you can have it checked since the thermocouple or thermostat may not be working properly.

Other signs of potential heating repair issues include strange sounds and smells coming from your heating system. Take the time to contact your local heating repair service Irvine company to get a free estimate and diagnostic check.

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