May 11, 2015

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How to Know When a Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa is in Order

How to Know When a Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa is in Order

The nice thing about septic tanks is that they provide years of service with a minimum amount of maintenance. One point that owners must keep in mind is that the tanks do need cleaning from time to time. Here are a few signs that indicate the time has come for a Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa.

The Grass is Greener

The old saying that the grass is greener over the septic tank does hold true, especially when it is near capacity. Under normal circumstances, the grass over the tank should look just like the rest of the lawn. If it suddenly begins to look a little thicker and stronger, that means some of the sewage is overflowing and feeding the grass. Take this as a sign to arrange for a complete cleaning in the near future.

Mushy Ground Over the Septic Tank

When a tank is full, the remaining product must go somewhere. That often leads to the ground directly over the septic tank becoming soft. In more advanced situations, there will even be a puddle above the tank. The only way to rectify the situation is to arrange for a complete Septic Tank Cleaning in Des Moines Iowa as soon as possible. While the crew is there, ask them to check the tank and make sure the overload did not cause any type of breach.

Unpleasant Odors Emerging from the Drains

As the time for a tank cleaning draws near, expect less than pleasant scents to emerge from the drains. Even if the homeowner uses all sorts of remedies, those foul odors will not go away. The best move is to call a cleaning service and have them empty and clean the tank. Doing so will get rid of the odors and make things much more pleasant around the house.

The Drains are Running Slow

As the septic tank fills, there is more of a possibility of the sewage backing up. This, in turn, causes the drains in the sinks and the shower to run a little slower. At first, the homeowner may think there is a clog. If the plumber indicates the drains themselves are not blocked, call a septic cleaning service at once.

For help with septic tank cleaning, discover more here. Call a professional and have the tank cleaned today. Doing so will ensure that the tank provides many more years of service.

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