Nov 30, 2013

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How to Keep your Finish Spotless After Car Painting in Johnson County

After a collision, Car Painting in Johnson County is an important step not to mention an expensive one. After spending money on a new paint job, you should take certain steps to preserve it. Below, you will find some tips from Warrensburg Collision Repair Center on keeping your car’s paint looking showroom new.

Auto painting experts recommend that you keep your newly painted car in a garage to prevent damage from bird droppings, tree sap and other factors. Many of these substances contain acids which can damage paint; if contact occurs, wash right away with soapy water.
Don’t leave your car uncovered or parked outside overnight. Doing so allows dew (which contains acid) to sit on your newly painted car; if you must leave the vehicle outside, rinse it before driving to prevent any damage.

Avoid the use of car covers or harsh commercial car washes for at least a month after your car is painted. The best way to keep your paint job looking new is to hand wash your car.

Do not wax or polish your vehicle for at least three months after paintwork is done. After that, use only nonabrasive polishes or waxes, and use them only three times per year.

Do not place objects on your car’s trunk or hood. When objects are moved, they can leave scratches in your new, perfect paint job. Do not permit people to sit or lean on the outside of your car because clothing can contain snaps and rivets that can scratch paint. Even a set of keys in someone’s pocket can cause damage.

Use a bit of common sense. Taking care of a freshly painted car is simple if you wouldn’t put something on a piece of fine art, don’t put it on the outside of your car. Don’t park your car close to other vehicles if possible, as door dings and paint chips can happen easily. Park in the outer regions of the parking lot your car and your waistline will thank you! If you have access to covered parking, use it leaving your car in the sun for a long time can result in paint damage.


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