Apr 10, 2014

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How to Inject Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is a self-tanning product that must be injected into the skin to be effective. While injections are something many people wish to avoid, it can be a safer alternative to tanning under the rays of the sun. If you don’t want to use the self-tanning products that are available in stores and don’t create the perfect look you want for your skin, Melanotan 2 works well. Read on to find out how to inject Melanotan 2 for the best results.

Mixing the Melanotan

When you buy Melanotan 2 from a quality peptide provider, you will receive small vials of the product, along with vials of sterile water for mixing the Melanotan properly. This is the first step in the process of how to inject Melanotan 2. First, open a bottle of sterile water and pull the water into the syringe you intend to use to inject the peptide. Sterilize the Melanotan bottle top. Plunge the needle through the rubber stopper on the top of the Melanotan bottle and inject the sterile water into that vial. Remove the needle and allow the two products to blend together naturally. Do not shake the vial. This will ensure you get the proper dosage of Melanotan before you inject it.

Preparing the Syringe

Once the Melanotan 2 is properly mixed, plunge the needle back into the bottle and draw appropriate dosage into the syringe. Never take more than you intend to use to avoid wasting it. Hold the syringe so the needle points toward the ceiling and make sure there are no air bubbles inside the syringe. Tap the side to ensure any bubbles float to the top and will not be injected into the subject. Push down on the plunger to remove the air bubble from the syringe. Stop once the Melanotan 2 begins to leak from the end of the needle.

Injecting the Product

The final step in how to inject Melanotan 2 is to complete the injection. It is best to choose a fatty area of the body in which to complete the injection. Clean the injection site fully before injecting the product to avoid spreading any germs into the inside of the subject. Carefully plunge the needle into the skin and press down on the plunger to ensure all the Melanotan 2 product is injected into the subject. Carefully remove the syringe and press down with a soft cloth or cotton ball to stop any bleeding. A bandage may be needed.

If you don’t know how to inject Melanotan 2, it can be a difficult process. However, if you intend to use this product, whether for its intended purpose of tanning or for research purposes, it is essential to learn the proper procedures for the injections. When you buy Melanotan 2, it is essential to learn how to mix and inject it properly so you can get the results you are looking for. Failure to follow the proper procedures will result in wasted peptides.

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