How to Improve Diversity in the Workplace in Three Easy Steps

Diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace. Diversity is not just about making sure your company is open to new ideas; it is also about making your employees feel comfortable and welcome regardless of their background. If you just completed organizational assessments and are having trouble recruiting people with a variety of backgrounds, use these quick tips to improve your workplace environment.

Explore Recruiting Strategies

In many cases, attracting people with different backgrounds to your business means adjusting how and where you post job opportunities. For some companies, this means expanding recruitment activities to a larger geographic area, rather than just advertising locally. For others, this could mean leveraging new online job boards. If you are having trouble, meet with a recruitment specialist to help you develop a more customized strategy.

Create a Company Culture That Embraces Diversity

One of the best ways to ensure your company is inclusive is to focus on engagement and making employees feel comfortable. Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful, and if you can make employees feel comfortable at all levels of your organization, they are more likely to tell others about their experience and current job openings. If your company is struggling with creating this kind of environment, you may want to consider company-wide training.

Set Goals and Measure Progress

One way to set goals is to get organizational assessments from a third-party. This can help you to easily see what areas you need to improve.

Another method is to conduct regular surveys and measure the results over time. Employee surveys can include information about how willing team members are to engage with one another or whether they feel comfortable in the workplace.

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