Feb 9, 2017

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How To Hire Sales Training Speakers For Your Company

How To Hire Sales Training Speakers For Your Company

If you’ve got a sales training meeting scheduled, it is essential to find speakers to come and talk about different techniques, open the stage for you, or otherwise bring their fame and buzz. You want people to feel welcomed and interested in learning, which is why you’re bringing in someone fresh and new. However, the trick is to hire someone that suits your needs and budget.

The Audience

Before you can find sales training speakers in your area, it is essential that you know the audience well. These are the people that will be listening to the speaker, so it’s vital that you know how they react to certain things. For example, some teams are focused on the numbers and may not appreciate a funny speaker while others would love a little humor to help them get through the event.


Likewise, you will need to determine if the speaker you choose understands your market and industry. They need to know what services and products you offer, who your customers are, and why they buy your items. Likewise, they should get some information about the processes, challenges, and obstacles your teams face. Sales training speakers can handle all the above and produce a speech that is tailored to your group.


Selling isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Those people who sell medical equipment will have different challenges and approaches than those who sell vacuum cleaners. It’s imperative that your speaker can customize their general speech to reflect those obstacles. Otherwise, the employees aren’t going to get as much from the meeting or the pep talk.

Know Why

It is important for you to understand why you need training and how these speakers can help. Otherwise, you may feel that you’re throwing away or wasting money.

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