Apr 9, 2013

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How to Hire Movers Without Paying a Fortune

Moving is not only difficult, but it can be expensive as well. Hiring a moving company is necessary sometimes especially when it comes to time constraints, heavy lifting, and transportation. However, there are ways to cut corners if you are willing to slightly compromise.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

If you are diligently trying to stick to a budget, do some of the packing yourself. This could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. By packing a few boxes each night for a week, spending a couple weekends in a row packing, or even inviting your friends over for a “packing party”, you could lessen the financial toll on your wallet. This way, when the movers arrive, they only have to load the cargo. It’s less expensive and can make the move go much faster. A partial move is also an option. Have the moving company only pack and move the larger heavier items while you pack and transport the smaller ones.

Discounts Do Count

Discounts are everywhere. If your house has been listed for sale or recently sold, contact your real estate agent. They often receive special moving offers and discounts for their customers. Don’t be afraid to ask the moving companies if they offer special discounts for veterans, active military, first-time movers, students, or anything else. You may be surprised at what they will do to get your business.

Timing is Everything

Avoid scheduling your move over a three-day holiday weekend. Movers have to be paid extra to work those days which can potentially increase your costs. Holiday weekends that fall at the end of the month are also more expensive. Try to plan your move for mid-month on a week day for extra savings. Summer months are the busiest period of the year so expect the rates to be higher during this time. If possible, plan your move for the autumn or winter months when rates are lower.

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