How to Hire a Reliable Fence Contractor for Residential Installation

Homeowners interested in securing their yards with fencing rely on Chicago fence contractors for smooth installation and beautiful fencing. With so many fencing companies in the area, finding the right contractor might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, homeowners who do their research don’t have to take a shot in the dark, hoping to find a great contractor.

Ask for Referrals

The best place to start looking for a contractor is in one’s neighborhood. Homeowners who’ve had fences catch their eyes in their neighborhood shouldn’t feel shy about knocking on a neighbor’s door and asking who installed their fence. Having this neighborly conversation makes it easier for homeowners to find reliable contractors to install fences that meet their requirements.

Materials Used

Not all fencing contractors install all fencing materials. For example, some may only install vinyl fencing or chain link fencing, while others specialize in wrought iron fencing or privacy fencing. Homeowners can narrow down their choices by finding a contractor who has experience installing the homeowner’s preferred fencing material.


When researching potential fencing contractors, homeowners should be wary of contractors that require the full amount upfront. Professional contractors usually require a deposit that’s equal to the material costs and then require the remaining amount for labor and installation after the job’s completed. If a contractor asks for the full amount upfront, this might be a red flag that they’re not legitimate or experienced.

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