How to Go About Driveway Expansion Joint Replacement

Driveway expansion joints are pieces of material place between joints (or cracks) of concrete slabs. It prevents the slabs from cracking or eventually breaking due to contraction and expansion in different temperatures. Expansion joints absorb the stress for quite some time but require replacement due to eventual deterioration. With that said, here’s how to go about driveway expansion joint replacement.

• Clean the Space: Clean the driveway with a broom to remove debris and dirt.

• Remove the Old Expansion Joint: Use a putty knife to remove the old expansion joint in between the slabs.

• Clean the Joints: Use a hose to flush out debris between the joints. Next, clean the driveway joint space well with a wet vacuum.

• Apply Bonding Adhesive: Once the spaces are clean and dry, use a brush to apply bonding adhesive. Epoxy is your best option. Give the adhesive 10 to 15 minutes to dry. Don’t wait longer than that because it will become too dry for the driveway expansion joint replacement to stick.

• Cut the Expansion Joint: Cut the expansion joint so that it’s the correct size of the space between the slabs. Next, push the strip into the space with a putty knife. Make sure it’s not protruding.

• Seal the Expansion Joint: Once the expansion joint is in place, add a layer of self-leveling urethane sealant. Wear safety gloves and goggles during this process.

When you have completed the expansion joint replacement, make sure to block the area so that no one steps on it until the sealant is dry.

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