Dec 11, 2013

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How To Get To Your Prom On Long Island?

It could be argued that there are too many proms these days and, consequently, their “specialness” has been downgraded. The origin of prom comes from the word promenade which has a dual meaning – to walk leisurely and in style (so as to be observed) or the place where people went promenading. Over time, the word became associated with dances of the more formal type also called a “ball”. In the US, proms started at colleges attended by young adults (such as high schools) and were intended as a first time introduction to parts of adult life for those graduating from the school. Their first mixed company formal, black-tie and ball gown night time event; the first time a son is allowed to take out the family car after dark so as to collect his date and take her to the prom; etc, etc.

Then, they started holding proms for younger teenagers and, sometimes even down to the last year at kindergarten – where the couples are escorted by their parents. However, these are somewhat pale substitutes or previews of the “real thing” which is the high school prom.

The High School Prom Is The Big One

For a number of reasons; safety being the predominate one; followed by prestige and comfort, it is no longer such a common practice for the male partner to borrow a car (or even drive one of his own) to take his date to their first prom. The formal dress, the corsage, the prom king & queen and many other traditions still linger on and are enthusiastically followed.

Think about that earlier meaning of “to promenade” where the aim was not the walking; nor even dancing; but, to be seen doing so and to meet others of a like mind also graduating from our high school on Long Island. Peer pressure means that we have to attend our high school prom in a visible and fashionable manner in accordance with (or ahead of) the trends of the day. One way to start out “with a bang” is for a couple to arrange their transport from a Prom Limousine Service For Long Island which will take them there; not only in style; but also with flair.

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