Dec 23, 2013

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How to get that Florida Look at Home

Whether you live in the heart of NYC or central California, if you want to get the light and airy feel of a Florida home here is what you need:

Bold Fabrics
Florida style loves bold fabrics, but this does not mean you have to go with bold color. You can use large geometric or floral patterns, but can in any color palette you choose. The key is to go large to get the desired affect popular in Florida homes.

Modern Nautical
This may sound a little tiresome, but modern nautical design is a little whimsical and can bring a nice touch to children’s bedrooms as well as dens. Look for fun items to hang on walls such as solid colored sword fish or nautical styled wall mounted light sconces. Use plenty of white to bring an airier, more modern feel to items such as traditional nautical chests, beds and desks.

Rattan Rules
Honestly if you were to check out any Palm Coast real estate for sale many home owners might cringe at the thought of showing their home with too much rattan. However, if you want to add a touch of the tropics rattan rules. Look for a single accent chair, or use a sunroom to create a Florida feel outdoor space with a dining set, sofa or love seat. Go with raw rattan and white or get painted rattan and punch it up with one of the bold fabrics so popular down south.

Aqua Cum Turquoise
Again the Palm Coast real estate for sale may not always feature what seems to be a cliché bluey green, but adding this pretty touch throughout your home really does bring to mind sunny climes and ocean waves. Look for different ways to use the color such as on ceilings or painted wood floors. When paired with white you will always feel you are just steps away from an ocean breeze.

White Shutters
Add a touch of white shutters used in non-traditional ways. For example use them for kitchen cabinet doors or even on the lower walls a la beadboard or wainscoting. This unusual use of shutters will really bring a feel of the beach to your home and paired with pale woods such as oak, or again that fave turquoise really captures the feel of Florida.

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