Nov 14, 2013

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How to Get Help From a Divorce Attorney in Waukesha WI

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult events you can go through. No one gets married planning on the marriage ending later. If you are facing a divorce, you need to understand your rights and make sure you have an advocate on your side to protect those rights. It is imperative you hire an attorney as soon as possible when you know a divorce is going to occur. This will protect your rights and interests through the divorce so you can focus on getting on with your life without so much stress and worry. Through a Divorce Attorney Waukesha WI, your divorce can go as smoothly as possible.

What Happens During a Divorce?

When you first meet with your attorney, a grounds for divorce will need to be decided upon. Even if both parties in the marriage agree to the divorce, one of them must file a petition for divorce through the court and must give a reason for the divorce. The reason must be able to be proven in court and cannot be a trivial reason, such as you no longer like your spouse. One of the most common grounds people use when divorcing is irreconcilable differences.

Once the petition has been filed with the courts, the other party in your marriage will be sent the petition and then must respond. Once a response has been made, the court hearing will be decided upon. Before the court hearing, most divorces go through a mediation process. This allows both parties to sit down with their attorneys and try to work through the detals of the divorce. If an agreement cannot be reached on all issues in the divorce, they will be decided on by a judge.

Once your divorce hearing has taken place, the judge will make the decision on custody, spousal support and property splits. The judge will also legally end your marriage and you will be given a divorce decree. Though the process is never an easy one, through a Divorce Attorney Waukesha WI, you can be assured your case is in good hands. If you are in need of a divorce attorney, contact Horizons Law Group and make an appointment for a consultation today. They can provide you with the representation you need through your divorce.

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