Aug 4, 2014

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How to find your Design Style

If you are planning on decorating your home and you are uncertain where to begin, finding your design style will help you hone in on the types of furnishings you will be most attracted to, the colours you will prefer and even the era that will help set the tone of your space. Before visiting your Homes Furniture Store Chicago designers frequent here are some tips on finding your design style:

If you have an appreciation for a more refined look in furniture and like the feel of older homes you probably prefer traditional style. Traditional style looks at more ornate furnishings with cabriolet legs and carved detail on wood. It also appreciates finer fabrics such as damasks, toiles and florals. Bold stripes work well to add a little more substance whereas plaids can bring a refined country estate home look. Kitchen cabinets are also ornate and woods in furnishings are darker or oaky.

Contemporary style focuses in on the latest design trends such as brown leather sofas, large geometric patterns, shag rugs and white metals. However if you are looking at contemporary design you want to read up on what is new with the resurgence of yellow metals such as brass making a comeback. Contemporary homes have the latest colors on their walls but tend to be less vibrant and shocking. Contemporary shopping is the easiest as the new and now styles at the homes furniture store Chicago offers are usually stocked to the brim with contemporary furniture. It is curvy but not fussy, comfortable but not overly cosy.

Modern is not contemporary. Modern actually refers to the more retro look of homes from the early 20th century. Modernism reflects styles of Bauhaus and has been along far too long to be called modern. The modern room has neutral colors or is often even void of color although accent walls in bold colors are also common. Modern furniture is focused on straight lines yet has a sculptural feel to it. There is more of a focus on mid-century modern today with influences from shows such as Madmen. You will see a certain Scandinavian feel to many modern rooms and a minimalist approach to decorating void of collections and shelves packed with items. Instead there is a focus on simplistic displays such as a single large and interesting vase or larger wall art. Kitchens are sleek, lighting tends to make a statement and furniture is pared down and natural.
Once you zero in on your design style you can begin designing your space.

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