Oct 29, 2015

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How to Find the Right Wedding Kosher Caterer in Livingston

How to Find the Right Wedding Kosher Caterer in Livingston

Choosing the right caterer is often one of the most important parts of wedding preparation. It can even be more essential when the food has to conform to Jewish dietary laws. To ensure that a reputable Wedding Kosher Caterer in Livingston is found who understands kashrut, use the following guidelines. These suggestions can be altered to suit a person’s individual needs and situation.

The search for a Wedding Kosher Caterer Livingston should start by getting referrals from friends and family members who have directly used the services of a caterer. Getting information from trusted people will enable a person to receive reliable details about the way a caterer conducts business. It’s favorable to ask questions that require detailed answers. Another person’s idea of a good caterer may be different than the person who is wanting to hire a caterer. When making a referral list, include all recommendations along with answers to questions asked. Next, carefully consider all answers so two caterers can be chosen for further research.

Before making the first contact with each caterer, get in touch with the local health department to ensure that both caterers have a current license in good standing. Because this is public information, also inquire about complaints and inspections. When a caterer has had numerous grievances filed against him, it’s advisable to choose another caterer from the referral list.

Call each caterer to set up a meeting for an interview and food tasting. Prepare a list of questions like the ones listed below:

  • How do you prepare food to conform to Jewish dietary laws?
  • Do you provide wait staff and the use of dishware?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Will you be able to provide service on the scheduled wedding date?

Answers to these questions will help a person better understand how each caterer conducts business. During a food testing, remember that the caterer will often be using the best products to help make a good impression. It’s helpful for a Wedding Kosher Caterer Livingston to explain some guidelines regarding kashrut so a person will know that the food will be prepared correctly. By using these and related guidelines, a person can hire the right caterer for a wedding. For more information, please browse Our Website.


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