Sep 24, 2015

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How To Find The Right Bar Tables And Stools

For years, bars around Australia have welcomed floods of party goers, business professionals and fun loving individuals who want to let their hair down and socialise in an upbeat setting. Owning a bar is a great business idea, because it offers a good stream of income and a feeling of pleasure in the knowledge that the people being welcomed through the doors are going to make fond memories, and even make new friends. Setting the ambiance all starts with choosing the right decorations, colours and most importantly, furniture. Learn how to choose bar tables and stools that compliment the theme of your bar with the following advice.

Find a Trustworthy Supplier

A good furniture supplier will have pleased customers in the past by offering a varied selection of products, and should be able to provide a discount for commercial customers who are buying in bulk. To assess the trustworthiness of a supplier, research their company’s reputation and ask previous customers about their services. Did they deliver items on time? Were furnishings packaged properly to prevent damage? Does the supplier offer a money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a certain time period? The answer to all of these questions should be yes, so don’t be afraid to ask if you want an honest transaction.

Take Inspiration from Other Bars

The style of your tables and stools should reflect your business motto. If you are in the process of decorating a wine bar where business professionals get together with colleagues to discuss important events, the furniture should be classy and somewhat upscale. Bar tables and stools with modern glass and chrome features will work well for this, as will furniture with traditional wooden elements. Taking inspiration from your competitors will allow you to go that one step further and decorate in the way that you want, but without worrying that you have completely stolen the look of another business.

Consider the Comfort of Customers

If customers do not comfortable in your bar, there is no reason why they should want to stay. Create an environment where guests can feel at home and can remain for hours, whether it is to catch up with friends, family and work colleagues via email, or talk about this week’s gossip with a close friend. Remember that every customer will be different, because some may have a disability or personal preferences when it comes to comfort. Explore your options and pick furniture that works well for everyone, so that you don’t end up buying something unsuitable for the people your company depends on.

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