How To Find The Best Animal Control In Columbus OH

Unwanted animals or pests can completely ruin your ability to enjoy your home. What should be a safe haven for you and your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company can quickly become a nightmare thanks to the persistent presence of pests and other creatures. Some homeowners are reluctant to call animal control services, operating under the mistaken belief that they are inhumane. There are a number of different options for those seeking animal control services done in a humane and safe way. Here are a few tips on how to find the best animal control in Columbus OH.

Tip #1: Check Your Local Paper

Many animal control agencies will advertise their services in the local paper. Those that use humane practices to do so may go so far as to mention this in the text of the ad itself. If not, you can still get a good idea about the general approach to pest control from the tone of the ad, and can always call and ask follow up questions of the company itself.

Tip #2: Ask Business Owners

Certain business owners, especially those who own vast properties, will have dealt with the need for animal control in the past. While some owners may not have a strong preference for humane practices, others may have focused on this when choosing an animal control company. If you happen to have any friends or acquaintances in this position, it’s a good idea to ask for a referral.

Tip #3: Look At Animal Control Websites

Most animal control companies will have some type of online presence, usually in the form of a few social media accounts and a webpage. Looking at their online presence, and the types of messages they post can give you a pretty good idea if they are the type of company who uses humane techniques. If you have any doubts, however, there should also be a contact form and telephone number, so you can reach the animal control company itself for clarification. Click here for more information.

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