Mar 9, 2015

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How to Find the Best Afterschool Program for your Kids

Finding an afterschool program can be a bit of a challenge. Parents have different needs for their kids and might want an option that offers support for school work instead of just afterschool care. In Jacksonville afterschool programs come in a number of options and knowing what to look for can make it easier to find the program best suited to your needs.

School Based vs. Community Based
In general there are two choices for afterschool programs in Jacksonville. School based programs provide your child with additional academic opportunities. They will receive educational direction and additional enrichment that will add to their academic achievements. Programs can include tutoring and must offer guidance and supervision by certified teachers and or youth development staff. Children can participate in a number of activities or even just be required to complete home work assignments with assistance from their care providers. These afterschool programs in Jacksonville are held in Duval County Public Schools. Community based programs can still have academic assistance, but this is not necessarily the focus. These programs are held in community centres, housing complexes, recreational centres and neighbourhood clubs. They are run with Jacksonville Children’s Commission partners and youth-serving organizations. They are well managed and monitored to provide high quality programs that can involve academic guidance, recreation and even cultural enrichment.

TEAM UP programs have proven to see better results for students. Kids who participate in these afterschool programs have higher grades, better attendance records and even higher promotion rates. This is something to consider when looking into the programs for your kids.

Private Home
There are sometimes good options for private homes but this is also the least monitored form of afterschool programs available. In a private home unless you know the person very well there is little guarantee your child will receive the attention required and also the proper assistance needed for the completion of homework.

Pick Up Times
You want to ensure that the pick up time for your child suits your schedule. Whether you are picking your kids up yourself or have someone else to do it for you it is important you find a Jacksonville afterschool program that will work for you.

It is important to visit each facility and meet with the services in order to determine what suits your needs. You want to be certain your child will feel safe and receive the attention and care they need to do well in their studies and be happy.

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