How to Find Reliable Piano Movers Near You

Piano moving is a complex and delicate task due to the item’s size and weight. It’s best to hire a piano moving company rather than attempting to do the job oneself. A piano is an expensive item, and paying for professional moving services can help customers protect their investment. Read on to learn how customers can choose the best available piano moving company.

Check the Mover’s Credentials

Piano movers in Chicago must be registered and licensed with the DOT (Department of Transportation). There are many companies that have the ability and expertise necessary to move a piano, and the mover should be able to give customers their USDOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers on request. When those numbers are verified on, the customer can determine whether the company has the right credentials.

Verify the Carrier’s Insurance

All piano movers, are required to have insurance as well as a license. Customers should ask their mover to provide an insurance certificate, which can be independently verified. In most piano moves, insurance policies offer sufficient coverage. However, if a customer needs more coverage, they can consult their homeowner’s insurance company. Riders are available that cover piano moves, and the additional coverage can reassure the customer.

Carefully Research the Piano Moving Company

As in the stock market, a piano mover’s performance in the past is a reliable estimate of future performance. It pays to gather as much information on the company as is possible, and this information is widely available online. By reading online reviews and doing other research, customers can see how the company has handled similar moves in the past-;and they can also see how satisfied the company’s customers are. After reviewing the available information, the customer is ready to choose a reliable piano mover.

It may take additional time and effort to research a piano moving company, but it is time well spent. Most piano movers in Chicago are staffed by honest, hardworking people, and a bit more effort on the customer’s part will help to ensure that the company chosen is the best one for the job. To know more information visit them online at Aaron Bros. Moving System Inc.

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