How to Find Reliable Commercial Air Conditioner Repair Experts in Dayton, OH

Air conditioning is one of those things that you don’t fully appreciate until it’s not working. HVAC Systems in commercial buildings are more powerful, as they have to supply air to a much larger space. Feeling comfortable inside a warehouse or large commercial space is an essential component of productivity. Employees, customers, and anyone who has to venture into the building on a hot summer day are going to expect air conditioning to be working properly.

What’s the Difference?

You may wonder what the difference between residential and commercial air conditioning repair is. Residential repair is not as difficult since the units are not as big and don’t have as many components as their commercial counterparts. When looking for reliable commercial air conditioner repair experts in Dayton OH, there are certain questions you need to ask. Find out if the HVAC experts are willing to provide a free estimate. Ask what the cost of an inspection will be and if that can be credited if a repair is needed.

Things to Consider When Looking for HVAC:

Find out the type of unit that is already installed. To locate a few companies, try searching for commercial air conditioner repair experts Dayton OH and start calling around. If maintenance is required and not a full replacement, you’ll want to ensure the company you hire is familiar with the system. Most companies will price match if someone has a better offer, so take notes to be able to compare options. A company like Peck Service has positive reviews and provides service for commercial and residential equipment. Each company you call is hopeful of getting your business, which you can use to your advantage.

Repair or Replace?

In a commercial air conditioning system, if one unit stops working, that doesn’t mean the whole system needs to be replaced. Many times, fixing an air compressor is relatively easy. Things like dirt and debris can get lodged in a unit causing it to stop. If a company insists that a system needs to be replaced, you should get a second opinion to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. If the air conditioning system needs to be replaced, it is advisable to also replace the furnace. The furnace and the AC should be the same brand, and the furnace needs to be big enough to supply the building’s needs.

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