How to Find Out if You Are Qualified for State Disability Benefits

The government has set aside money and healthcare benefits for individuals who have a disability or become disabled. If you are unable to perform your regular job duties due to any type of disability, it can be difficult for you to meet all of your financial obligations. If you are your family’s main breadwinner, your family could suffer as well. If you’re in this situation, speak with a disability lawyer in Chicago to find out if you are qualified to receive disability benefits under state law.

When to Contact a Disability Attorney

Contact a disability lawyer in Chicago as soon after you become disabled as is feasibly possible. State disability laws can be strict and do vary somewhat from state to state. An attorney that spends a lot of time litigating disability claims is likely to have the necessary knowledge and will be up-to-date with any new legal regulations. While any attorney is qualified to give legal advice in this instance, most clients are more comfortable speaking with an attorney who can explain the process precisely in language that they can understand easily.

What Types of Disabilities Are Eligible for Benefits?

Every person who has a disability will be in different situations. Some disabilities are easy to see, like if you must use a wheelchair or if you are blind. However, you may have other disabilities that are not so easy to spot that could also make you eligible to collect much-needed monthly financial funds and/or healthcare benefits. These can include mental or emotional issues like PTSD, which is often found in veterans. It is best to contact a local disability lawyer from Chicago to discuss your unique case.

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