May 8, 2013

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How to Find Great Plumbers in Weatherford TX

Texas is a great state, but is home to many unlicensed plumbers. There so are many horror stories about bad plumbers in Texas that it’s a wonder Stephen King hasn’t written a novel about them yet. Avoid being the protagonist in future horror stories by looking for these signs of Great Plumbers Weatherford TX.

Let’s You Contact Them First

Although it is normal for plumbers to canvass a neighborhood with flyers or place flyers in your mailbox, this is the only acceptable way for a plumber to contact you. Plumbers should not call you unless you have called them or have given them your phone number on their website’s contact form. They also should not email you unless you have contacted them first.

Good Reputation

If you live in the greater Weatherford area for any length of time, you’ll hear plenty of gossip about plumbers and other professional services. If you need a plumber, ask your friends or neighbors who their plumber is. Even if you do not get a list of recommended plumbers, you’ll definitely get a list of plumbers to avoid.

Clearly Marked Vehicles

Good plumbers use vehicles with large logos on the sides. It’s much better to use plumbers with obviously markings than those with nondescript vehicles. If something bad should happen, it will be much harder for you or the authorities to track down a vehicle that looks like a private vehicle. Using broadly marked vehicles assures you that the plumbing company has nothing to hide.

Gives Written Estimates

All estimates should be made in writing. If you have a large job or need extensive installations, it’s good to contact at least three plumbers for estimates. Rule out any estimate that is far lower than the others. This usually means that the plumber has greatly underestimated the amount of labor, time and materials needed to get the job done. Great Plumbers will also give you free estimates. Plumbers should come to your home to check out the amount of work involved before giving an estimate. They should not give estimates over the phone or online without visiting your home or business.

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