Jun 26, 2014

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How to Find Apartments for Rent in Kenya

If you are moving to Kenya for a job or just staying there for an extended time, you will want to find apartments for rent so you don’t have to pay a daily fee for a hotel. Some hotels may offer weekly or monthly rates, but it will still feel like a hotel. Instead, you should consider an apartment that comes fully furnished. You don’t even have to bring sheets for the bed if you don’t want to. Many people wonder how to find these luxury or serviced apartments and if the process is different than any other apartment.


Though you may have an idea of where you want to be or with which company, you should still search the Internet and find out what is available in Kenya. Most apartments for rent have a website, so you can get some information.

As long as you find something that will meet all your needs, you should be fine.


You will definitely want to visit the apartments for rent and check them out. You would visit a regular apartment and check it out before you decide to rent it, so you will do the same with serviced apartments.

Make sure you to look at everything in the apartment. If it is furnished, ask the landlord if the furnishings come with the apartment. Though many properties in Kenya offer a virtual tour, you will definitely want to visit in person before you make your decision. A virtual tour can show you a lot of different options available, but you won’t get to see exactly what your apartment will be like. The virtual tour is a great tool to choose the ones you want to see in person, but don’t skip the in-person tour.


You know what you want from your apartment. Serviced apartments will provide you a lot more features than a standard rental property. Types of features included with these apartments include bars, restaurants, gyms and pools, along with housekeeping every day or week. Many of these options also include some type of laundry options, such as coin operated machines or free machines for members.

Not every apartment will offer all the features you may want and stay within your budget. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which features you truly must have and which ones you could do without. You will likely save a little money and still be happy with your living arrangements.

If you are searching for apartments for rent in Kenya, consider Pearl Apartments. They offer many great features and have wonderful accommodations.

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