Nov 14, 2013

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How to Find a Reputable Shipping Company that Makes Crates and Pallets in Dallas

If you need to ship a large or awkward shaped object, you might need a Pallet in Dallas. Pallet companies, such as Crate Master, can ship objects of all shapes and sizes. You can ship almost anything, including vehicles. You use crates for objects that you can’t ship using boxes or popular shipping companies. If you have an object that you think requires a crate to ship, choose a shipping company that offers these services and amenities.

Customized Crates

Companies that have Pallets in Dallas make the crates from scratch. The crates are built to fit your object and not your object forced to fit in pre-made boxes. Your object is measured and the box made so the object fits perfectly with little wiggle room. A reputable company will use durable wood that can withstand long, difficult shipping processes and time. You will feel safe even if you have to ship your object overseas.


Whether you are shipping heavy industrial equipment or a small antique vase, you want to know it won’t break during shipping. It might fit in the box nicely, but that doesn’t mean it won’t break if mishandled. Shipping companies must make sure that the object is secured inside the crate. Large objects are tied down. Delicate items are covered in soft packing material. Although not recommended, you could through the crated vase at a wall and know it’s still in one piece inside.


A reputable crate company will have plenty of associations for both shipping and lumber work. Members of the associations must pass specific qualifications for safety and quality. Being a part of the organizations means you feel safer working with the company. An excellent shipping company will follow legal standards for shipping. They might follow military standards for shipping items up to 10,000 pounds and a different standard for items over 10,000 pounds. The military might ship an entire helicopter across the seas and it needs to arrive safe and in one piece. You’re items will ship with that same high quality standards.

No matter what you want to ship, even if it’s a boat, you want to make sure the shipping company treats your item like it’s precious. A reputable company that cares about the customers will guarantee the item’s safe arrival, even if it has to pass customs.

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