How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Boynton Beach FL

Finding a good medical marijuana doctor in Boynton Beach, FL is important for your health. The wrong doctor could possibly misdiagnose your or not provide you with the much-needed treatment for your condition.

Medical marijuana doctors in Boynton Beach, FL must be certified to provide their patients with a medical marijuana prescription. This is important to know because not all doctors in Florida are certified by the state of Florida to administer a marijuana prescription.

All medical providers who want to provide their patients with a recommendation for medical marijuana must go through the state of Florida’s certification program. Doctors must have an active medical license that is not restricted or be an active osteopathic physician. They must also comply with the educational requirements by taking a 2-hour course and passing the exam on treating patients with medical marijuana which is provided by the Florida Medical Association or Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. Florida publishes a full list of certified doctors on their Office of Medical Marijuana Use website.

It is important to know that if a physician is not certified to issue a medical marijuana recommendation to a patient but does so anyway is subject to be disciplined. A doctor can also get into a lot of trouble if a certified doctor issues a marijuana certificate to a patient without a reasonable belief the patient is suffering from a qualifying medical condition.

When visiting a doctor, you are allowed to ask the doctor to see their certification and to do a background check on the doctor to ensure they have met all the requirements for treatment using medical marijuana.

There are thousands of medical professionals registered with the state of Florida who are certified to treat patients with medical marijuana. You need to do your research to find one if you think you are eligible for medical marijuana treatment.

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