How To Evaluate A CNC Turning Service

When you need a prototype produced or if you are ready for production, finding the best machining shop for your order is always a crucial decision. Choosing a CNC turning service, even for a relatively simple part design, offers the benefit of fast production and turnaround times, less waste, and higher levels of precision. These factors, in turn, allow for lower cost of production, higher tolerances on parts and parts that have a longer life cycle.

When evaluating a CNC turning service, there are several different issues to consider. It is a common mistake to put the price per unit for production at the top of the list, but it is a factor to consider after looking at the production capability, the equipment, and the reputation of the machining service.

Equipment and Systems

The type of equipment and systems used in the CNC turning service has an impact on quality, precision, and cost. While CNC turning is a fast, precise way of shaping simple to complex parts, using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and software is essential in maintaining top quality control throughout the turning process.

Production Capability

Production capability is determined by more than just the equipment in the shop. The expertise and experience of the staff, as well as the capacity to ramp up production to meet your anticipated market volume, is always essential to consider when evaluating a company.

The top turning service is of no benefit to an OEM if they cannot increase production rapidly to meet the needs and the demands of the market.


For a single order or for ongoing production requirements and Just-In-Time order services, researching the reputation of the machine company is an important task. Looking closely at the industries the machining service offers, the types of projects they have completed as well as if they are ISO 9001 certified provides a clear picture of the experience, commitment to quality and their ability to work to the needs of their customers.

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