Feb 6, 2015

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How to ensure you get your Drivers License

If you are going for your drivers license it can be a difficult task making sure you are prepared to pass your test. From trying a license practice test to having a co-driver who can assist you in learning safe driving techniques here are a few ways to ensure you get your drivers license:

  • Driving Course: First and foremost arranging to take a professional driving course is the best way to ensure you are ready to get your license. You will be taught by a person who understands safe and proper driving techniques as well as someone who is not emotional during your lessons. This is the best base for learning to drive and will also provide you with a discount for your insurance.

  • Co-Driver: Finding a co-driver who is willing to lend you their car and take you out to practice driving is also helpful. You want someone who will allow you to use the right driving techniques and not encourage you to take short cuts and break the rules. Someone such as a parent or older sibling can often work well as long as they are able to remain calm and not let their relationship with you get in the way. If you do find a willing co-driver make sure they do know the rules of the road and might even be willing to do a read over of your booklet to refresh their memories.

  • License Practice Test: A license practice test is an easy and very accessible way to see how ready you are for your road test. You can do a run through once or several times based on your results. You can do it from the comfort of home online and prepare yourself for the test ahead. Many drivers find this to be the best follow up to their driving course as it prepares them for a realistic run through of what they will actually encounter during the road test.

  • Look at your Weaknesses: As a student we are usually able to determine where we need work. If you are having difficulty with specific things such as changing lanes or parallel parking, take the time to practice these manoeuvres as often as possible. You want to feel 100 percent confident you can complete your test in all aspects successfully so you are not feeling too pressured when you are taking your road test.

These tips will help make sure you pass your road test with flying colours.


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