Feb 11, 2015

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How to Efficiently Use Your Storage in Kalazamoo MI

How to Efficiently Use Your Storage in Kalazamoo MI

Moving your household goods into Storage in Kalamazoo MI can be challenging if you don’t pack and store your belongings the right way. Haphazardly putting random items into boxes and situating them in storage without a plan can result in damaged assets. It can also cause you to rent an additional storage unit later on if you don’t maximize the space in your unit. To efficiently and productively utilize your storage unit, implement the following tips.

Whether you are decluttering your home or moving all your possessions to storage, decide exactly what you want to store before you start packing. Make a list of items room by room. If you have a small amount of stuff, it may be easier to group your items by function. For example, place all books into a box and all cookware into another box. However, when you have to move most of your items into storage, it may be simpler to group items by the room they are in. However, this can get difficult when you have many items of different weight and fragility. You can also use a combination of the two methods to keep your items protected and undamaged. Label at least three sides of each box to prevent excess handling of boxes.

Before you place your boxes in storage, draw a diagram of where each box will sit. It’s preferable to have a pathway down the middle of your boxes. This will help you access items easier. Make use of vertical space by placing heavier stacks next to walls. Corners can be used for stacks that need extra stability such as boxes containing dishware or wall hangings. Use vertical space by building pyramid stacks. This is usually done with smaller boxes. Ensure that you place the heavier items on bottom. Items that aren’t in boxes can be put into empty spaces such as the interior of a refrigerator or oven. Empty bureau drawers are a smart location to store sensitive items, or items that are hard to pack. Ensure that your diagram corresponds to the correct placement of your boxes.

Using the above-mentioned guidelines can help you save time and money. For more information on storage services, please get in touch with a professional like the ones a Kuiper Brothers Self Storage and Moving. This company can handle services for Storage in Kalamazoo MI as well as residential and commercial moving needs. You can also visit their Google+ profile.

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