Jun 26, 2013

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How to Effectively Manage Older Properties in Sioux Falls

Renting homes is often difficult since there are so many choices for tenants to select from.  Older properties often get overlooked because renters want modernized homes with plenty of amenities.  Older homes have a unique sense of charm that some people adore.  There are ways to get tenants of all ages to want older properties.  If you show a little ingenuity and learn how to deal with all types of people from all age groups, then you should be able to rent older properties without much of a problem.  You need a professional property management Sioux Falls company to help you get the job done.

Target the Right Tenant Profile

Even younger people will like a home that has a lot of charm and great characteristics.  Find people who would appreciate such a home.  Even if you have to appeal to a slightly older crowd, you should still be able to find quality tenants as long as you show them how well-kept the home is, how older homes are typically larger overall, and how they may be able to get a price break from what they would pay to rent a newer home.

Find an Emotional Connection

Many people love old movies, music, and stories from years past.  Tap into their emotional connection by pitching things such as nostalgic qualities, value, character, and charm.  If the home is considered vintage, then it will fascinate people if you pitch it properly.  As long as you ensure the home is safe when electrical wiring and fixtures are concerned, you will find someone who appreciates the thought of stepping back in time by living in a vintage home.

Appeal to Uniqueness

Younger people always want to be different from their peers it seems.  Appeal to their desire for uniqueness by pitching the property as one of a kind.  Claw foot bath tubs and highly detailed wood plaster is not something they are going to find in a modernized apartment.  Highlight how special these details are when you are showing the home.  Choose your words carefully as well.  If you use the words quaint, sophisticated, or vintage, then a younger person may feel the property is just not for them without even viewing it.  Use words such as sassy, bold, unique, or cool to get their attention.  Believe it or not, it makes a difference.

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