Dec 9, 2014

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How to Do Central Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio TX

Your home-based climate control system is an important part of your personal environment. An air conditioner helps filter out unwanted particulates from the air you breathe. Your central air conditioning system also aids in controlling the properties of air such as temperature and humidity so household occupants can enjoy more comfortable surroundings. To keep an AC system working at optimal levels, it’s necessary to perform regular central Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio TX. Use the following guidelines to conduct this task.

Before you can perform upkeep on your central air conditioner, learn where the two main parts are. The evaporator is situated in the plenum above the furnace. The condenser is located outside the home. This unit will usually be placed on a flat surface such as slab concrete, bricks, or wood.

To start your central Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio TX, remove any insulation from the plenum. Carefully take this wrapping off the plenum so you don’t destroy the adhesive. You will replace this insulation later. Next, open the access plate by unscrewing the fasteners. Other fasteners such as nails or bolts may be used. Move the evaporator forward as far as you can without damaging any attached pipes. Using a stiff brush, use back and forth strokes to clean the evaporator. You can use a large mirror to view the backside when you clean it. Don’t forget to wash out the tray underneath the plenum. This tray is used to rid the evaporator of condensation. Use bleach and a sponge to wipe the surface of the tray. When you are done, replace the evaporator, access plate, and insulation.

To clean the condenser, remove all vines, weeds, and other plants from around the condenser. Use a commercial cleaner to rid the condenser coil of debris and grime. A fin comb can be used to clean in between the fins. Use a spirit level to ensure that the condenser is level. If it’s off-balance, use bricks or stones to prop it up.

Keeping your AC unit in good shape will help prolong its useful life and ability to operate correctly. This can save you money on repairs and replacement costs. For more information on air conditioner services, please visit

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