Jun 18, 2014

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How to Decorate With Mirrors In Your Atlanta GA Home

It has often been said mirrors are the ultimate decorating tool, enlarging small rooms and providing a spacious open feel to dark closed in spaces. If your room lacks that certain pizazz, even a small room, a large mirror could be the answer to your decorating dilemma.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, go large or go home? In this case, it’s go large at home. The large mirrors create an illusion of depth, so a decorator should not be intimidated by size. Place a large mirror on a wall above a table, reflecting your light fixture or across the room from a colorful piece of artwork.

It’s easy to go mirror crazy, placing mirrors here and there, just to cover up a bare spot in your room. However, this is not advisable. Experts, recommend you plan where you’re going to place the mirrors, considering what it’s going to reflect. The last thing you want to see when you look into the mirror is the kitchen garbage can or the couch with the ripped side.

Whether you buy an antique mirror in Atlanta GA with a small chip or you have an unfortunate incident in the dinning room with ball and your mirror, if you break a mirror, consult the experts at MG Glass Inc for repair options. From custom, beveled and wall mirrors to mirrored table tops and shower doors, the mirror may be salvageable. Additionally, don’t plan on installing most mirrors yourself, instead, consult professionals for safe, unframed glass.

It must be said mirrors are great for most rooms, including dining rooms, bedrooms, and foyers. However, experts do warn about where you place them. Again, the old advice of where you place them comes into play. When placing mirrors in the bedroom, you don’t want to look into the mirror first thing. Instead, placing it over the bed is considered a much better option. The same holds true with a mirror in Atlanta GA kitchens. You want it to reflect light or the beautiful wallpaper, but not the dirty dishes in the sink.

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