Apr 19, 2013

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How to Deal with Motorcycle Accidents Queens NY Insurance Claims

Insurance companies can be your biggest adversary when it comes to negotiating a Motorcycle Accidents Queens NY insurance claim. If you are at fault or not in the accident, then you have a number of options available for making the best arrangements for your case. Accident victims can help the process by consulting with a personal injury lawyer.

It is important to collect valuable information from the other motorists after Motorcycle Accidents. You want to ask the motorist for his insurance card and driver’s license and write the information on a piece of paper. The information should consist of full name, auto insurance provider, policy number, issuing state and license number and phone number.

Repair estimates should be done immediately after the accident. If the cost to repair the bike is over 50% of the current value, then the insurance may totaled it. On the other hand, if the damages are not that serious and not costly to fix, then the insurance company may want you to drop the claim and pay for the repairs. The company usually takes this route when the driver is at fault.

Riders should contact their motorcycle insurance provider after gathering their evidence to negotiate a value for the bike. You want to gather photographs, receipts for aftermarket accessories, video footage of the motorcycle, Kelly Blue Book estimates and an estimate of the costs. The insurance company should have the insurance information of the other motorist. If not, you can provide any information that you have on the other person.

The best approach to take is to negotiate a total-loss settlement. The Kelley Blue Book is a source for determining the value of a bike that includes aftermarket accessories. You want to seek the highest value for the bike. The remaining loan costs are a concern and should be factored into the settlement amount.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help with the negotiation process and prevent a client’s bike from going undervalued. He can help with the collecting witness statements, negotiating repairs and obtaining a higher settlement. A Motorcycle Accidents Queens NY lawyer has experience with these types of cases and can help clients get the best settlements.

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