How to deal with black mold

Black mold is a green, almost black substance that grows in areas of your home, which are damp and poorly ventilated. Often mold grows after there has been a flood. Mold can remain undetected for a long time as it can grow in wall cavities where it can grow unnoticed. Once it is noticed, however, black mold removal in San Diego must be undertaken as it can only get worse, never better unless the problem is tackled.

Hazard classes:

Mold is classified into classes; A, B and C.

* Class A mold is either directly hazardous to health or the creation of toxins. They must be eliminated from homes and workplaces.

* Class B mold can cause an allergic reaction over an extended period of time.

* Class C mold is not harmful to humans, but they can cause decay and structural weakness to things they grow on.

Needless to say, most people will not be able to determine which of the three classes of mold they have in their home. Take a strip of clear cellophane tape, put it on the mold, remove it and place it in a zip-loc bag. Mail this to a laboratory and have them tell you what class the mold falls under. There are many labs that provide this service to people involved in black mold removal in San Diego.

Getting rid of black mold:

Black mold is very common and is truly unsightly. Some black molds are toxic but there are far more non-toxic varieties. The areas most invaded by black mold are water-soaked ceilings, behind wall paneling, in cardboard, drywall and insulation. There are few areas where mold will not grow.

There are several steps that can be taken to ensure black mold removal in San Diego.

Resolve the moisture problem: Black mold will never be eliminated if the source of water is not found and attended to. Moisture is what black mold starts on and lives on. Find the source of the water first, perhaps a leaking roof or a broken water pipe. If the source of water is not removed, the mild will keep coming back.

It only takes a couple of days for mold to form so if you see a damp spot, attend to it immediately.

Seal off the area to be cleaned: To stop the spores from going throughout the house, close off the area and seal it. Clean each affected area or room independently. Seal the room with plastic sheet and tape, cover all possible exit points; doors, windows and vents.

Remove the mold: First, mist the mold with water, use soap to remove as much mold as possible and then, for complete eradication of black mold removal in San Diego disinfect the area. This will kill any spores that are left. Dry the area before you unseal it for use.

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