Feb 3, 2015

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How to Deal With a Flat Tire

It has happened to everybody at one time or another. A piece of road debris puts a small hole in your tire, and pretty soon you are driving on a flat. This can be especially inconvenient in Florida, if you are on vacation and far from home. You will have to evaluate the situation and decide the best way to deal with the tire. If the damage is too extensive, like multiple flat tires or something, you may have to call roadside assistance in Kissimmee to come help, or tow your car. If the damage is not that bad, and you think you can deal with it yourself, maybe you will be able to get the spare on and get the car to a tire shop on its own. Here are some steps you will want to take if you find yourself with a flat tire in Florida. Roadside assistance in Kissimmee will always be there to back you up if you need it.

Stop Driving

When you notice that a tire has gone flat, you must pull over to the safest spot you can and stop driving immediately. It might be tempting to try to limp your car on the rim to wherever you were going or to a tire shop, but this is a terrible idea. Not only is this really dangerous, but could do serious damage to your rim.

Changing the Tire

Your car will have a spare tire, jack, and tire iron included. These things are usually found inside the trunk underneath a trap-door in the floor. It is a good idea to set the parking break before you jack the car up. Also, use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts before you jack the car up. Depending on the car there will be an intended place for the jack to go. Once the tire is off the ground, you can remove the lug nuts and take off the rim and tire. Once the spare tire is on, don’t tighten the lug nuts too much until you let the car down off the jack.

Contact a Kissimmee Towing & Roadside Assistance Company When Needed

If the problem is worse than just a single flat tire, your best option is probably to call a company who offers Kissimmee towing & roadside assistance such as Magic Tows. If the hole in the tire is very small, like caused by a nail or something, you might be able to temporarily patch it with a can of flat tire spray. If the damage is more extensive or the tire has separated from the rim, you will have to switch it with the spare tire.

If you need roadside assistance in Kissimmee, you can contact Magic Tows at website.

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