Feb 18, 2014

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How To Compare Auto Body Shops In Mesa

A simple dent in the fender or perhaps a ding in a door can be more expensive than at first sight. An entire quarter panel may have to be removed or replaced and a fender does not come in pieces as the whole part may have been compromised and needs to be replaced. Whatever the situation is that has you getting estimates from different Auto Body Shops in Mesa, you need to do a little detective work in order to ensure you are comparing the similar facts in a quote.

Generally speaking, an insurance company will give you a list of a few places that they have already been approved of for a repair. You probably have to pay a deductible so the total amount of the bill doesn’t matter as long as the job is fixed to your satisfaction. if you do have a choice in the body shop you use or you have a preference, you must get a few details in writing so that your insurance company will submit a typical purchase order or claim ticket to approve your shop.

The first thing to consider is the overhead in an auto body shop. Convenience in location means that they will typically charge more in the per hour labor rate. The car parts are going to be standard items that can easily be compared in the different estimates from different Auto Body Shops in Mesa. The average hourly rate across the country is anywhere from $42 to $44 but that can increase considerably in the type of real estate that the shop occupies.

The next part of Auto Body Repair Estimates in Mesa to look at would be the parts list. There are different ways in which a repair shop can repair your vehicle. They can either use manufacturer direct parts or generic parts that are made to fit most model cars. The generic parts will of course be less expensive and in which case you need to ask for verification in any estimate you receive as to what types of parts are being used.

Lastly, check with your insurance company to verify that they will even do business with a vendor that does not use stock parts. This may be an easy way to find shops in your area that use vendor parts or strike vendors off your potential list.

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