Feb 7, 2015

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How To Clean And Maintain Area Rugs In Charlotte

An area rug protects your floor from dirt, foot traffic, and damage. Since an area rug can receive a lot of wear, you may be wondering how to keep it looking nice. After purchasing your area Rugs in Charlotte, read below to learn how to clean and maintain them.

•  Regular vacuuming will keep dirt from building up and getting down into the fibers of a woven rug. Run your vacuum over each side of a reversible rug to keep both sides in good condition.

•  If you have a small rug that’s easy to handle, take it outdoors and shake out the dirt and debris. Be careful when carrying the rug outside so you don’t spill the dirt from the rug onto your floors.

•  At least every six months, change the position of your area rug so it can wear evenly on all sides.

•  If you have pets in your home, pet hair can easily collect on an area rug. With a stiff brush, brush your rug the same way the nap runs to clean off the hair.

•  Use a cloth dampened with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent to clean stains from a woven area rug. Instead of rubbing the cloth into the stain, gently blot the stain until it disappears from the rug. If this doesn’t lift the stain, use a spot removal solution that’s made for carpeting. For specialty rugs, such as handmade rugs or those made out of fur or natural fibers, consult the cleaning instructions for proper cleaning and removal of stains.

•  If it’s allowed by the care instructions, deep clean your area rug once every year. Place small, washable area rugs in a laundry bag and wash them using the delicate setting. Allow your rugs to dry outside by hanging them on a clothes drying rack or something similar.

•  When purchasing area Rugs in Charlotte, inquire about any special care or cleaning instructions for your specific type of rug.

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