Dec 26, 2013

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How to Choose the Right Skip

If you planning to dispose of household decorating waste, remodelling waste or general waste you might need to hire a skip. Choosing a skip sounds pretty straightforward. However, that is not always the case when clients call commercial recycling companies in Exeter. They are unsure about what size they need and generally it is common for people to seriously underestimate the load they have. The size of the skip is the most important factor you need to know. Waste management companies provide a wide range of skips from those that hold household waste to professional construction and RORO containers. These range from four to forty cubic yards in size and are the standard measurements for such containers. If you require a skip to carry heavy materials, it shouldn’t exceed the weight restrictions for removal purposes.

Prices, Permits and Placing

If you need to book a skip check with a local skip hire company as to the daily cost of their skip hire. You might get a reduced rate if you need the skip for longer, so check that too. Also, check with your local council as to the requirement of permits for skips parked on public roadways. You may need one depending on the area you live in. The skip hire company can generally advise you when you need the permit. A permit can take up to ten days to be approved so it’s always handy to apply in time. You also need make sure you have adequate room for the delivery truck to be able to park and drop off the skip.

Overloading your Skip is Not Permitted

When your skip arrives you should make sure that you do not overload it. There are clearly marked levels inside the skip—and sometimes on the outside—as to the recommended levels, so follow them. If your skip gets filled too quickly you can call the company to replace it with an empty one and they will bring you a new skip. People who overload skips will not only be charged extra in some places, but also are susceptible to fines imposed by the local authority, depending on the area. So, exercise due care when using the skip you have hired.

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