How to Choose the Right Hair Salon in North Vancouver

Choosing the salon that is going to give you a whole new look is a big decision. One bad cut, or faulty dye job, and you could be stuck growing out a mistake for years to come. Here at Fringe Studio, we understand completely why anyone would want to take their time choosing the right hair salon in North Vancouver. Here are a few tips to help you determine if a salon is the right fit for you:

  • Who do you know that has similar hair to yours, or a hairstyle or color that you love? Ask them where they get their hair done. If you preface the question with a compliment, you can even get away with asking total strangers on the street – after all, it’s not every day you see the perfect hairstyle walking by.
  • Ask a new hair salon if they will schedule a consultation. This is an appointment where you can come in just to tour the place, catch a glimpse of how the stylists are working on other clients, and ask lots of questions about how they would accomplish what it is you are looking for.
  • Be sure that the stylist is listening to what you say, and is asking about things like how you usually wear your hair, how you care for your hair, what your lifestyle is like, and so on. The hair stylist should be interested in things such as your skin and eye tone if you intend to color your hair, your face shape if you want to change the hair cut completely, and should share with you why those things impact what would work best for you.
  • Check out the hair salon’s cleanliness. A hair salon should always be sanitary to ensure your safety and health. Look at the specific station of the stylist you intend to work with, as well as the salon as a whole. Even the reception area and the client bathroom can give you a great idea of how sanitary the place is.
  • Finally, consider how the salon makes you feel. Is the atmosphere welcoming, yet professional? Spa-like and relaxing, yet still creative and fun? These are signs that you’ve found a great hair salon in North Vancouver.

If you want to schedule a consultation with Fringe Studio, we would love to discuss with you how we can accomplish your hair goals! Contact us at 604-990-0225.

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