Jan 29, 2014

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How to Choose Pet Care Services Gurnee in IL

If you’re thinking about leaving town for a few days and you don’t have the slightest idea where to leave your pet, look for one of the best Pet Care Services in Gurnee IL has available. One that asks veterinarians to fax proof of vaccinations, shots and up to date records of recent treatment. This not only makes sure the other pets won’t become ill from being around your dog or cat, but also is so important to your animal. When you find the boarding kennel that’s exceptional to the extreme, you’ll find they compensate boarders and their owners in every way possible.

They will feed your pet the way you would at home, with food you have brought in baggies, to specially microwaving food for them. Because your pet is fed the same way they eat at home, they will settle in much faster and won’t be intimidated by strangers as quickly. Pets are also taken outside at least five times a day in order to relieve themselves and have a little walk with a caring staff member while doing so. Since every pet owner handles their dog differently and spoils them differently, the staff will try to accommodate them as you do, whether by cuddling, playing one-on-one with an attendant or rough housing it with other dogs while running free.

Once you find the perfect place to leave your animal, and it’s one that you feel he/she is safe with, it will be such a relief to know they are in such capable hands. No one wants to leave their pet with people that are not fully trusted. Read through the brochure, read the testimonials of others who trust leaving their pet at the kennel. Go over the website and read the prices for special treatment by attendants and make sure it’s affordable to you. The Pet Care Services Gurnee IL has available should offer grooming, dog training, and great lodging services that will keep your pet as comfortable as possible until you get back in town.

The atmosphere of the kennel will speak volumes to you as soon as you walk into the acreage where your animal will be vacationing. Is it pleasant, fun looking, and is it filled with lovers of animals who will treat your dog or cat with tender loving care the way you do? This is the boarding kennel you should choose.


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