How to Choose Enriching Academic Summer Camps Near Vaughan, Ontario

Parents looking for academic summer camps near Vaughan Ontario have plenty of choices, but finding the right program requires some research. Finding a program that’s a good fit for their child means considering many factors. Here are some helpful tips for finding an enriching academic summer program in Ontario.

Session Schedule

Start by researching the session schedule. Some schools have more sessions available than others. The more choices a parent has the better because it allows parents to signs their children up for more than one session if desired, and still have plenty of time to schedule a summer getaway.


The best summer programs come at a cost, which can get pricey when parents are interested in enrolling more than one child. To make it easier to pay for multiple summer sessions, look for programs that offer sibling discounts and discounts for multiple session enrollments.


Enrichment summer programs focus on scholarly programs such as robotics and STEM workshops, language development, and art and music. However, the best programs offer additional programming that speaks to a student’s interests. Popular program offerings include yoga and dance, drama, hiking, swimming, and much more. Parents of children with particular passions should look for a summer program that offers custom programming.


Parents must also consider the student-to-staff ratio. The ideal ratio at academic summer camps near Vaughan Ontario is 10:1. The staff should also be educators who are highly passionate about learning and the subjects they teach. When educators are excited about learning, students get excited too!

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