Jul 16, 2015

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How to Choose a Shop For Collision Repair in Johnson County

How to Choose a Shop For Collision Repair in Johnson County

When a car’s body becomes damaged, owners want to have it repaired as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult knowing which auto body shop to trust with car repair. Before taking a car to a shop, it is crucial car owners do all they can to research so they can understand the services offered. Researching an auto body shop carefully will allow a car owner to feel confident in knowing their car will be properly repaired according to the manufacturer’s standards.

Car owners who need Collision Repair in Johnson County should first speak with the car dealer they purchased their car from. They often work with auto body repair shops in the area and they may be able to give owners information. Though a person may receive references on a shop, they need to make sure they research each one before making a final decision. Word of mouth is often a prudent way of gaining knowledge about a company instead of simply relying on advertising.

  • The location of a shop can greatly determine how much a car owner will pay per hour. Shops located outside of the city limits are more likely to offer less expensive hourly labor costs. When deciding on a shop, owners should get a full written estimate and make sure the hourly labor charges are clearly defined.
  • Owners should acquire several estimates before deciding on a shop. Though price alone should not be a determining factor, there is no reason for an owner to pay more in repairs than they have to. Once the estimates have been gathered, the owner can compare the estimates to make an informed choice.
  • When auto body repairs are needed, owners need to make sure they ask about the offered warranty and get it in writing. Shops that offer less than a one-year warranty do not fully stand behind their work. Most shops offer a two to three year warranty on body work and paint jobs.

Using these tips will assist people in finding the right shop for Collision Repair in Johnson County. Those who are in need of auto body repair should Contact Warrensburg Collision right away. They offer the professional services car owners need to ensure their car’s body is repaired, restored and renewed.

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