Jan 9, 2017

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How to Choose a Probate Lawyer in Moline IL

How to Choose a Probate Lawyer in Moline IL

As a majority of Americans fail to properly prepare their loved ones for their passing, leaving them with the messy task of wrapping up their estate in probate. Even when there is adequate planning done beforehand, there may be problems with the person named executor of the estate. In such cases, a probate lawyer is usually recommended and needed. For those who have never worked with a probate lawyer before, here are the steps for choosing a probate lawyer in Moline IL area.

Figure Out the Type of Probate Lawyer Needed

Probate lawyers usually fall into one of two categories: transactional and litigators. Transactional probate lawyers are best when handling administrative matters of probates. Litigators tend to be called in when there is a lawsuit involved, such as when the will is contested or someone views the executor as unfit. It should also be noted that some probate lawyers are able to do both, but it is still best to determine if a specialty is needed.

Do Background Research

When searching for a probate lawyer, it is a good idea to do a little research and check out their background. Looking at a probate lawyer’s experience, certifications, and references can provide prospective clients with loads of vital information that can be used in making the decision to hire them. Most of that information will be available through an internet search and may even be provided by the probate lawyer’s office.

Meet In Person

Once the list of potential probate lawyers has been narrowed down to a few candidates, it is best for clients to meet them in person. Interacting with them face to face can tell a person more about a probate lawyer then over the phone or through email. It also allows clients to ask questions related to the lawyer’s abilities and in regards to how they would handle the case.

Establish the Terms of the Contract

Once the right probate lawyer is found, clients should establish the terms of hiring them. This includes paperwork, actions they plan on taking, their rate, and any additional fees or issues that may need to be addressed before the contract is signed.

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